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Kulturbüro Sachsen e.V. is an independent nonprofit organization. Since 2001 KBS has run the project of the Regional Mobile Consultation Teams (MBT) with the support of the federal program, CIVITAS, an "initiative against right-wing extremism in the new federal states."

KBS advises and supports local NGOs, youth initiatives, church communities, networks as well as local governments and businesses in Saxony. The aim is to strengthen active democratic civil society and provide an alternative against everyday racism and established right-extremist structures.

"Working for a democratic culture is work against right-wing extremism"

With this motto KBS strives to strengthen the civic engagement and practice of the everyday work against right-wing extremism in communities and regions of Saxony. This helps the people to fight against tendencies that threaten democracy and economics like right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism. We need a vital and courageous democratic civil society to be able to fight against deeply anchored right-extremist discourses and organizational structures.

The focus on the victims of right-extremist violence is the starting-point of the consultant practice and together with the concept of pro-active community counselling creates a basis of the MBT`s everyday work.


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